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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign my child up to participate with DP Pop Warner?

There are a couple of options if you are interested in signing your child up for DPPW:

  1. Attend an in-person registration event: We will have a couple chances to register in person in the off-season. Our first event is usually held near the end of February. Our second event is held during the summer. There may be more opportunities available for in-person registration; these events will be posted on the homepage of our website and also on our Facebook page (Dr. Phillips Pop Warner).
  2. You are required to setup an account online. You can setup this account by clicking HERE. All forms can be accessed and payment of registration fee can be processed through the PayPal link on our website. Keep in mind that we must have the original required forms in our files; so, you will have to hand those in personally.
Is the registration process the same for both football & cheer?

Yes, both football & cheer registrations need to have the following documentation:

  1. Birth certificate (must verify original copy)
  2. 2017 Pop Warner Participant Contract (2 pages. No copies, must have originals)
  3. Three copies of the child’s final 2016 -2017 report card
  4. 2017 Pop Warner Physical Fitness & Medical History Form (two pages. No copies, must have originals)
  5. 2017 Dr Phillips Pop Warner Parent Contract
  6. Wallet sized color photo (no hats allowed)
  7. Registration fee
What other documentation may be required of me to complete my child's registration?
  1.  Copy of your most recent utility bill to verify residency
  2. Proof of medical insurance
  3. Drivers license (if interested in being an active/on field volunteer)
How do I know which association my child is zoned to participate with?

Mid-Florida Pop Warner (MFPW) uses the same districts zones that correspond with the high schools in each county. Whichever high school your child is zoned for, that is the association they are zoned to play for. There are a few high school districts that do not have active Pop Warner programs; those are considered open zones.

Can my child participate with an association they are not zoned for?

Registration of a player/cheerleader can only be made at the association they are zoned for unless they live in a high school district which does not have a Pop Warner program. However, there are exceptions made for some circumstances which may include their home association’s roster being full or a sibling already participating at another program. In rare cases, exceptions can also be made for unique/extenuating circumstances beyond full rosters or siblings.

Does Pop Warner require its participants to try-out?

NO TRYOUTS! Pop Warner programs are not permitted to hold tryouts or cutting of rosters.

How do I know what division to register my football player/cheerleader for?

Below are the Age/Weight Matrix for football and the Age Matrix for Spirit Team.

2017 PW Age/Weight Matrix for Football

2017 PW Age Matrix for Spirit Team

What is the cut-off date for the participants age determination?

JULY 31st. Each child’s “league age” is determined by what age they are on July 31st of the current year.

What if my child does not meet (or exceeds) the weight requirement?

It is not uncommon each season for a few boys to play one weight class above what is normal for their age. Players may be moved up or down one level within the weight requirements at the association’s discretion. We enforce the rule at DPPW that IF your child IS ELIGIBLE to play “Older/Lighter”, then they are REQUIRED to do so.

Who do I contact if I have any further general questions?

You can submit general inquiries and questions via the web form at the bottom of the page or on the Contact Page.

Where do I go for information on news and events?

News and events are posted on both our website and on our Facebook page. Team/squad specific news will be relayed via your child’s team mom and/or coaching staff.


How much does it cost to register my child with DP Pop Warner?

$250 full registration, payment plans available. We would like the participants to be paid in full by July 17th.

What is included in the registration fee?
  • Rental of uniform for the season (Home & Away jersey, game pants, pads, helmet to be returned at end of season)
  • Use of DPHS practice fields on practice days
  • Use of DPHS game field on gameday
  • Pop Warner requires we carry secondary insurance for all children who participate
  • NO GATE FEE for home or away regular season games
  • NO PARKING CHARGE for home or away regular season games
  • Rental of uniform for the season (Uniform to be returned at end of season)
  • Use of DPHS practice fields on practice days
  • Use of DPHS game field on gameday
  • Pop Warner requires we carry secondary insurance for all children who participate
  • NO GATE FEE for home or away regular season games
  • NO PARKING CHARGE for home or away regular season games
  • Studio time in preparation for competition
  • Competition hair bows
  • Competition charge to Mid-Florida and Regional Pop Warner events (may not include transportation or lodging)
What additional supplies/equipment am I responsible for getting for my child?
  • Practice Pants
  • Practice Jersey
  • Tethered mouth piece (must be color, NOT CLEAR, and have a tether/strap that attached the mouth piece to the face-mask of the players helmet)
  • Spare mouth piece (just to be on the safe side as they are unable to play/practice without one)
  • Water jug (a LARGE one for practice)
  • Equipment bag for game gear
  • Chin strap (some players do not like the chin straps that come with the helmets)
  • White long sleeved crop top
  • Boy-cut NAVY bloomers
  • Cheerleading shoes (required shoe style will be communicated to squads each season)
  • Cheer socks
  • Water jug (for practice)
  • Cotton shorts (soffe shorts work best) NO POCKETS
  • T-shirt
  • Sneakers
  • Clear rain jacket


What is the main goal of DP Pop Warner?

Since Pop Warner is a scholastic organization first the emphasis is on academics. On the football field the emphasis is on hard work, discipline, team work and commitment with the understanding that winning is a by-product of those attributes.

What are the academic requirements to be able to participate?
Proof of satisfactory progress in school is required. A 2.0/70% or the equivalent shall be the minimum grade point average acceptable to participate. In cases of doubt, conflict of opinion, or if a valid report card is not submitted, the nationally published scholastic eligibility form shall be used and deemed final.

NOTE: This rule as it relates to scholastic grades may not be made more stringent by any team, association, or league, as other rules may be. No local team/squad may be allowed to participate in Regional/National sponsored championships or bowl games if it has not met the nationally published scholastic requirements.

What if my child does not meet the minimum academic requirements?

We understand that not all student-athletes are able to meet our scholastic requirements. If a child does not meet the requirements of scholastic fitness, he/she may fill out and submit a Scholastic Eligibility form along with weekly progress reports starting the first week of school.

NOTE: This form must be accompanied by a progressing progress reports (or nine week report card showing satisfactorily meeting the scholastic requirements during the current year, If report card issued by the assigned school prior to the deadline) to be eligible for play after the October 2017 deadline.

Does academic performance affect whether or not my child can participate?
Pop Warner is first and foremost an academic institution built on advancing young men and women through football. Pop Warner closely monitors the academic performance of all its participants and for those who fall too far behind they will be required to provide a weekly progress report signed by their school teachers (guidance counselor or administrator acceptable) in order to play each week. For exceptional students there are scholarships available to those who qualify and recognition at MFPW’s annual scholastics banquet (with the possibility of advancing to regional and/or national level). Each association has a designated Scholastic Coordinator whose responsibility it is to monitor and report on the academic progress of all participants.

You can contact your DP Scholastic Coordinator at

Once the Season Starts

What sets Mid-Florida Pop Warner apart from the other youth football leagues in our area?

MFPW takes great pride in maintaining a highly organized management structure to coordinate a collection of 30 associations, with 6 teams each, in five Central Florida counties. The MFPW league feeds into the Southeast region of Pop Warner which is an organization of national presence. We are one of the largest leagues within Pop Warner in the United States and have a rich history of quality football and cheerleading in Central Florida for over 35 years, but our emphasis includes academics as well as football and cheerleading. All competitive teams can qualify for the Pop Warner Super Bowl which is held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports each December where teams from all fifty states come to our backyard to participate in this spectacular event which is also broadcast on ESPN. Pop Warner is arguably the most recognized and respected of all national youth sports programs in the United States.

When does the season start?

Teams can start practicing on or after August 1st in shorts (light dress) and helmets for the first week.

How often is practice? Are there rules pertaining to time practiced?
The first week of practice is reserved for conditioning for both football and cheer. No contact/stunting is permitted during the conditioning week and this time is used to exercise and begin evaluations on the kids.


From the end of conditioning until Labor Day teams can practice in pads for 10 hours per week. After Labor Day teams are allowed to practice 6 hours per week. Cheerleading practices typically average the same hours per week as football.

Is it really necessary for my child to attend every practice?

It is your responsibility to have your child to games and practices on time, or their playing time may be affected. Arrival times for games and practices will be set by coaches, and will be strictly enforced. DPPW rules state that a participant MUST ATTEND NO LESS THAN 2 PRACTICES PER WEEK to play/cheer on gameday (weather permitting). Practices are important for the growth and development of the team; it is hard for your child to grow and develop if they are not present. Time taken by coaching staff to bring participants who have missed practice up to speed, is time that the rest of the team misses out on development.

What if my child cannot attend practice?

We understand that life can happen. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, contact your child’s coach and let them know ASAP. It will be up to the coach’s discretion to decide if the absence is excused.

Do I have to attend practice with my child?

If you cannot be present for practice/games, then you must make arrangements with another adult to supervise your child. DP Pop Warner cannot be responsible for children dropped off without adult supervision. If you must leave the field during practice or a game, please notify your coach. At this time, you must be within 10 minutes of the field in case of emergency or severe weather changes.

How many games are there during the season? When are the games?

There are 8 regular season games, a jamboree or pre-season game prior to opening week and playoff games if the teams qualify. There are also bowl games and tournaments at the end of the season that some teams participate in. All games are held on Saturdays with a few exceptions.

Is there a post-season?

There are play offs, bowl games and tournaments at the end of the season. Your child is not guaranteed any post-season games. Play-offs are based on each individual’s team division and their record for the season. Those age divisions that do not compete in play-offs may be able to compete in a bowl game or tournament. Bowl games and tournament participation is based on availability and are first-come, first-serve. Pop Warner has specific rules set for how many games each age division may play in a given season.

Is there a cheer competition?
Yes, in addition to preparing to cheer for football games, cheerleaders will also prepare for the Mid-Florida Cheer & Dance Competition. This competition takes place in October. All cheer squads will compete and the winning squads will qualify to compete in regional and even national competitions. For those squads that do not qualify for regionals, they will compete in the Chancy Cheer-Off in November.

*Tiny-Mite and Mitey-Mite squads do NOT compete, but will perform in the Mid-Florida Tiny-Mite and Mitey-Mite Exhibition.


Do I have to volunteer for DPPW during the season?

DPPW is strictly a volunteer based program. The more volunteers we have to fulfill various duties, the smoother the season will run for everyone. Each family is responsible to work one concession shift for each child they have in the program during the season. (If two children are on the same team, you must work two shifts for that team. If you have children on different teams, you must work one shift per team).

How do I become a volunteer?

You must first fill out a volunteer interest form that is located on our Forms Page (Click Here). This form grants MFPW permission to complete a background check once it is completed and submitted.

Do the volunteers need to go to training? Why?

Depending on the position you are interested in volunteering for, there may be training associated with that position. All Board members, head coaches, assistant coaches, Director of Safety and Player Conduct, Weighmaster and team moms must complete and pass a training class.

Is there a cost associated with training?

Anyone in a position that requires training will be reimbursed for the cost of training once the season begins.

As a volunteer will I be required to submit for a background check? Why?

Pop Warner programs nationwide are required to annually conduct a background check of Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players and/or spirit participants. The purpose of these background checks is, first and foremost, to protect the children.

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