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Panther Football

Dr. Phillips Pop Warner Football is about more than just playing football. It is about playing a part in laying a foundation for all of our children’s future life experiences. Dr. Phillips strives to demonstrate a strong work ethic, teamwork, good character, and physical and academic fitness.

Each football player is placed on a specific team based on their age and weight, in accordance with the Pop Warner Age & Weight Matrix. These guidelines are put in place to maximize player safety.

At the heart of any Dr. Phillips Pop Warner Football Team you can find five fundamental lessons that will prove pivotal in the growth and development of our football players, both on and off the field.


Not all goals have to be huge! Every goal that a football player accomplishes brings them one step closer to accomplishing the larger goal. Setting positive habits is important in the goal setting process. Team oriented goals that involve the team as a whole are imperative.


Any person who wishes to play football must be self-disciplined and ready to work. Coaches will push each player to perform at their full potential allowing for the most growth and accountability. The same is true in all life presents us with; if we hope to improve and grow, we have to take responsibility for that growth, and surround ourselves with people who want to see us succeed.


Football provides a variety of situations that will challenge a player’s perseverance. No matter what the gridiron throws at a football player, they stick with it and are rewarded in their personal accomplishments and developments in the end. Developing the strength to “never give up” and to “always look to the future” is a trait that the football player carries with him/her for life.


When you are a part of a football team, you have to understand that EVERYONE plays a part. There is no job too small to deserve the respect of each player on the field. You have to trust that each person on your team can and will do their job. You also have to earn their trust that you will do the same. The emotional ups and downs the team will inevitably experience are best conquered when approached by a unified front. Here at DP teamwork also applies to those members of the team that do not ever step foot on the field: the parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, and DP fans in general. Without everyone working together, we would not be able to do what we do. WE ARE DP!


No matter what happens, we take it on with integrity and respect for all of those involved. Being a good winner is just as important as being a good loser. We have all lost in our lives; though a courteous winner does not turn a loss into a win, it does leave the opponent knowing that their hard work and efforts did not go unnoticed. Have pride in our organization, but show others through respect and dignity. When everything is said and done, all efforts should be for the love of the game and nothing less. Aahhh, DP!